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Released in February 2014 for the PlayStation three, PlayStation four, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows video gambling platforms.Thief may be a stealing computer game developed by attribute Montral, revealed by sq. Enix, it’s a revival of the cult unchanging Thiefvideo game series of that it’s the fourth installment. at the start declared in 2009 as criminal fourit absolutely was future declared in 2013 that the sport may be a resuscitate for the series.

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The game contains a variety of the thanks to distract or hit guards, like barrels of oil which could be attack fire. Levels additionally as contain portion and indispensable objects that Garrett can steal; these unit unexpectedly regenerate into money which could be spent raspingly instrumentation and upgrades.There unit a variety of routes through each level and players unit deft to utilize a variety of enjoying styles to traverse them. Garrett is moreover skillful to outlaw guards and late buildup characters.The performing artist may evade guards by concealment in shadows or regarding corners and is adept to peek relating to edges and through keyholes thus on trace the movements of enemies. Once Garrett has been noticed , guards and supplementary non-performer characters will attempt to hunt him all along. The developers have express that the game’s exaggerated penetration is tuned in to the extent vogue, and in and of itself guards willgrasp at the forefront of potential concealment spots that the player might even be utilizing.


At night suggests that evry night comes, Garrett, a thief of professionall competent, finds himself employed by his gate Basso to steal one thing from the ablaze of Baron Northcrest, the ruler of town. To supporter him in conjunction withthan his job, Garrett finds himself practical by currently Erin, Erin is fellow malefactor of Garrete. whereas seeking a quirk occurring to the roof of the Baron’s manor, Erin kills a guard after her claw, inflicting Garrett to correct her for feign-encounter-court proceedings thus while not an exact cause. Upon beholding a window upon the roof high an outsizedhall, the try witness Northcrest leading a bunch of men into conducting a charming ritual. Having a savageness roughly the task, Garrett calls it off, unaided for Erin to disagree and conceive to accurateness the task. Upon noticing that Garrett scarf her claw to stop her from exploitation it to murder afresh, a wrestle breaks out along within the thick of the 2, leading to her falling through the window and disrupting the ritual tho’ vertebrate influenced by the dynamism innate channeled. Garrett, United Nations agency fails to avoid wasting her, before long falls into the hall and is promptly knocked out.

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The malefactor computer game rating is that the whole pleasant GameSpot rating is 6/10 and and seventieth Metacritic rating and this game is and close for platform in imitation of Microsoft Windows, PlayStation three, PlayStation four, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

Minimum System Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows 98/ Windows XP/ Windows 7/8/10
  • Ram: 4 GB Memory
  • Processor: High Performance Dual Core CPU
  • Hard Drive: 20GB at least free hard drive
  • Video Memory:  Of video Ram
  • Sound Card: Yes
  • Video Card:  AMD Radeon HD 4800 series / Nvidia GeForce GTS 250
  • Mouse and Keyboard


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